Printing Services

These are the popular prints you can order, I offer a wide variety and you can request or ask for a different size. All images are with luster print paper, which is not too shiny or too matte it is a balance of both, creating a beautiful high resolution print. I will order and handle all details and either ship to your home or drop off to your home at no charge!

What is the difference if you order a print with me?

I use a printing lab that specializes in printing beautiful high resolution images. If you order from Walmart, CVS, Walgreens you will still receive a good decent image but the quality will not be what you see on your phone in some cases. The colors on a low quality print are very different than the ones true to the image seen on your phone. A professional high quality printed image will show case the colors and editing more flawlessly. I will also be able to deliver the image to your home if you live in Houston! I am taking away the stress, and putting it off from the clients end. Onto of also you dealing with errors from locations that do not solely work in printing services. Quality goes a long way!

I want to order an enlarged image more than 8x10:

If you order an enlarged image using the images I sent through your digital gallery, the quality will also not be true or high to the quality of the image, as I only release high resolution images for prints smaller than 8x10. You may also see a warning sign on these printing services saying that the image is too low. The solution to this? You can either purchase a physical USB where I will include your images in appropriate sizes for larger than 8x10 or order a print from me for enlarging your images more than 8x10.

Tips if you print yourself:

-Make sure to download in high resolution

-I recommend using Costco and Sam's Club, I do not promise good quality, but I have had good/okay experiences so far.

-Downloading to your laptop may work best for higher resolution versus from your phone

-Pay attention to the warning symbols that the printing location will show when you order a print, it will indicate if the resolution is too low

High Quality Printing without frame:

1 4x6: $0.80

5 4x6: $4.00

10 4x6: $7.50

20 4x6: $15

5x7: $5

8x10: $14

11x14: $24

16x20: $34

20x30: $54

Canvas Gallery Wraps with Frame:

8x10: $55

11x14: $80

16x20: $110

20x30: $190

Physical USB:

with all images: $15

-Will include images for enlargements and high resolution web-size photos.

-I will mail it out to your home.